Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    ***Herd tested free of CL/CAE/Johnes in January 2017***

Tiny Angels T Journey


Born: Oct 7, 2015
Journey is the playful little goofball!
With her beautiful color and bright blue eyes, she adds to the charm and style of our herd. We are hoping to breed Journey this winter for spring babies.


One Willow FN Indiglo

Born: May 24, 2015

Indy came to us from One Willow Farm.  She is a beautiful light buckskin girl and has a gentle demeanor.  We look forward to seeing Indy as a Mom in this spring.



Born: July 18, 2016

Storm is the first kid born on our farm. He
is a wether and will forever have a home

 here. He loves to cuddle and is by far the

 noisiest goat on the farm!


Valley's-Edge Jokers Wild


Born: Feb 3, 2017

Joker will be joining us from Valley's Edge

 Farm in late spring/early summer.  He

 comes from superior pedigree and will be

 our herd sire one day.