Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    ***Herd tested free of CL/CAE/Johnes in January 2017***

Tiny Angels T Journey


Born: Oct 7, 2015

Journey is a playful, little goofball!

She comes from great dairy and show lines,

and had a pretty nice udder for a first



One Willow FN Indiglo

Born: May 24, 2015

Indy is a beautiful light buckskin with a 

gentle demeanor. She gave birth to triplets

in the spring of 2017. One we had to retain 

as she was so stunning!


Valley's-Edge D'Lovely


Born: Feb 4, 2017

Lovely came to us in the Fall of 2017 from

Valley's Edge Farm. She had a great show 

season as a Junior and we look forward

to seeing her in the 4-H ring in 2018 with



Ebarb Milady's Misty


Born: March 15, 2017

Misty joined out farm in the Fall of 2017

from Cedar Run Farm. A moonspotted

dark buckskin, Misty has a great build. She

will be shown as a dry yearling in the 4-H

Showring in 2018 by Mackenzie.


FHG Farms J Liberty Belle


Born: 6/30/17

Belle is the first doeling born at For His

Glory Farms. A uniquely colored dark 

buckskin with moonspots and blue eyes, 

she was just too magnificent to sell. She 

will also be shown as a junior/dry yearling

in 2018



Born: July 18, 2016

Storm is the first kid born on our farm. He
is a wether and will forever have a home

 here. He loves to cuddle and is by far the

 noisiest goat on the farm!


Valley's-Edge PF Jokers Wild


Born: Feb 3, 2017

A gorgeous chamoise covered in moonspots,

Joker comes from top quality show and dairy 

lines. Joker is our herd sire and we can't wait to

see the incredible offspring he will produce!